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Savi is a remarkable musician who is leaving her mark on the music scene with her multifaceted talents and captivating performances. Renowned for her exceptional vocal prowess and musical skill, she has mesmerized audiences everywhere. One of her standout achievements includes headlining her critically acclaimed cabaret show, Under the Covers with Savi, produced by the Grammy-nominated luminary, Brad Benedict. Notably, Savi's collaboration with Tiger Army on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly showcased her versatility, seamlessly transitioning from one musical dimension to another.

Hailing from the vibrant musical hub of Los Angeles, Savi has effortlessly woven her enchanting melodies with some of the city's most illustrious orchestras, leaving the audience awe-inspired. Her versatility shines through as she navigates through genres with ease, encompassing jazz, classical, opera, musical theater, folk, and pop. Whether gracing the grand stage of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the historic ambiance of the Wiltern Theater, or the intimate settings of the Troubadour and the Fonda Theater, Savi's performances exude an unmatched energy that resonates with diverse audiences.

Savi's artistic journey extends beyond conventional stages, having collaboratively ventured into esteemed projects. Her melodic presence was felt alongside the LA Symphonic Winds and LA Chamber Orchestra, as well as through harmonious collaborations with musicians like Nick Mancini, the Benny Brydern Quartet, Dave Stucky & the Hot House Gang, Circe Link & Christian Nesmith and Lynda Kay. Even on the small screen, her voice found its place, leaving an auditory imprint on the FX series "Justified". With a remarkable ability to infuse life into galas, weddings, and other special occasions, Savi's musical magnetism continues to cast its spell far and wide, embodying the spirit of an artist who defies boundaries and embraces the limitless horizons of sound.

Savi graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance.

Since 2005 Savi has performed at weddings, funerals and church services across the country at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Visitation Catholic Church, Forest Lawn, Good Shepherd Beverly Hills, Sacred Heart Chapel and many more.

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